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Irvine Paternity Lawyer
Family Law Attorney for Paternity Cases in Irvine, California

If you are involved in a paternity dispute in the Irvine area, our firm can provide aggressive and skilled legal representation. Our family law attorneys each have more than 20 years of experience in family law, handling such matters as divorce and paternity. An Irvine paternity attorney at Kirk & Toberty can provide knowledgeable and dedicated legal assistance to your case. Whether you are a mother trying to obtain past-due or future child support payments for your child or a father who is trying to prove or disprove his paternity, our firm can help. We have effectively helped hundreds of clients throughout the Irvine area with family law issues.

Paternity Cases in California

California paternity law entitles any man who is alleged to be the father of a child to prove or disprove his fatherhood through DNA testing. The alleged father is also entitled to legal counsel in any paternity legal proceeding where fatherhood is to be decided and child support payments set per California guidelines. In some cases, the alleged father is seeking child custody as well and the court can award custody to either parent, based on the circumstances, the parenting capabilities of the parties involved, and what parenting patterns have been established at the time the paternity suit is filed.

If you are a father challenging paternity, you may be required to pay temporary child support until the paternity case is resolved. If you are deemed not to be the biological father per DNA testing, then you may have the payments returned to you under California paternity law.

It is important to have an Irvine paternity lawyer overseeing your case to ensure that your rights are protected and that justice is served in regards to you and your child. An attorney at our firm can ensure that over or underpayment of child support does not occur, that improper custody arrangements or unworkable visitation schedules and other problems do not result which seriously affect your rights, your finances, and your future.

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